Repair your phone


OEM is original Apple Screen  

-Best quality guaranteed

Aftermarket/Copy is what all the other repair shops are using in the area when you ask for a quote. The quality is not as good as OEM.  - what are the other differences between oem and aftermarket

     -Great if you're going to trade it in soon or on a budget

Aftermarket iPhone screen repairs come with 30 day manufacturer warranty against defects

OEM Apple screen come with 90 day manufacturer warranty against defects



iPhone small parts

Including charging port, camera, battery, mic, headphone jack, speakers, home button, buttons

iPhone 5/5s/5c - $49 All small parts

iPhone 6 - $59 All small parts

iPhone 6+ - $59 All small parts

iPhone 6s - $69 All small parts

iPhone 6s+ - $69 All small parts

iPhone 7 - $89 All small parts

iPhone 7+ - $89 All small parts except back camera

iPhone 7+ Back Camera - $129

iPhone Camera Glass - $49


Free battery test

Not sure what's wrong? Bring it in and we'll try to get it running. Not work, no fee.

Other iPhone Repairs

Other iPhone board repairs such as touch issue, cellular signal issue, data recovery and more - done by professional third party within 6-10 business days $129 - $159 depending on issue and model


Do you have other issues? We can help. Contact us to see what we can do. 


*Does not cover accidental damage including cracked screen and water damage. Only manufacturer defects including burn in, dead pixel, and backlight issue.

**Prices are subject to change without notice.