Hours:  Mon‑Sat 11:30am‑7:00pm  

Reviews/Why Choose Us?

Get it done same day

  • Please arrive before 5pm for same day repair for Samsung, iPad
  • Please arrive before 6:30pm for iPhone 5- and 6-series phones.
  • Please arrive before 6pm for same day repair for iPhone 7- and 8-series phones.

We use the best parts possible

Choose between Original Apple or Aftermarket (iPhone)

  • Original
    • OEM polarizers viewable with polarized sunglasses
    • OEM/Original LCD panels are very vibrant and have high contrast, just like the original on your phone.
    • The only repair shop in the area that have OEM parts available for iPhones/Samsung, most others use Chinese copy.
    • Our screens won’t lift unlike most other repair shops/ebay/amazon – special cold press method is used to permanently attach the frame to the glass, even the iPhone 5 series!
  • All iPad and Samsung Screens we use are all original

Most parts are in stock

No appointment necessary, just walk in

  • No need to schedule an appointment to see us

We have more than 3 years of experience

  • We have repaired 10,000 devices and counting.

Most competitive prices in the area

  • Best quality and price guaranteed

90 days manufacturer warranty with all repairs*

  • Excludes aftermarket copy screens, they are warrantied for 30 days.
  • Includes all natural defects, not accidental damage

Get it done right the first time.

  • Phone is fully tested before you leave.

Great customer service

  • We try to be as fair as possible with everyone, any problem that arise, we will try our best to take care of it

Free Diagnostics

  • Don’t know the problem with it? Have us take a look at it, it’s free

No Worry Guarantee. We break it, we replace it policy

  • Accidents happen (for us about 1 in 1200 phones we do), If your device was fully working when we receive it and something goes wrong during the repair, we will replace the device if it’s not repairable, or the part if repairable
  • Not applicable to devices with water damage/bent frame, original repair fee still applies

Reviews don’t lie, we have more than a hundred reviews.